Environmental purposes

To promote biodiversity conservation and ecosystems, and to increase the value that society places on their services and features, making the socio-economic benefits public.

Economic and tourism purposes

To develop a tourism model of excellence and quality which promotes job creation and adds value to natural and cultural resources.

Socio-cultural purposes

To enable the co-existence of extractive, recreational, tourism and conservation activities through the involvement of the beneficiaries in the decision-making process, on the basis of sustainable development.

Specific purpose

To create a pilot network of coastal ecotourism areas with innovative scientific methodology which values their potential and strengthens the leadership position of the Canary Islands.

The project is designed in line with the 17 Sustainable Development Objectives, created for the people, the planet and prosperity. It shares their spirit of cooperation and inclusion and is aimed at improving the lives of present and future generations in a sustainable way. In other words, to bring about a positive change for the benefit of the people and the planet. To accomplish this, the Eco-areas project proposes tools to move forward with the implementation of each of these 17 objectives.