Knowing the natural and sociocultural resources of the Canary coast is essential to understand the archipelago. If we study, conserve and use them effectively, we will benefit present and future generations. Part of this knowledge is stored in local communities and in the memory of its people. The richness of this intergenerational heritage should not be forgotten, much less ignored.

The path towards the ideal of sustainable development, oriented towards respect for the environment, as well as the preservation of natural resources and the quality of life of its inhabitants over time should also be a tool for promoting local culture . In this way, the future in the management of each space will be linked to its unique natural, social and cultural characteristics.

The Buenamar project is an initiative designed to rescue this heritage, helping to understand the trends of coastal and marine ecosystems and resources, facilitating and boosting the public participation of the different social sectors in the co-management of insular coastal spaces belonging to the future of a Canarian Ecoareas Network so that, finally, it favors the sustainable management of them.

Its main objective is to recover the knowledge of the sea: traditional local practices, ancient techniques and arts, the peculiarities of the place and the professions developed in the coastal area through direct contact with the protagonists: fishermens, carpenters, divers, salt workers, artists, restaurateurs, etc. in order to spread the acquired traditional ecological knowledge.

In this first phase, the different places and key actors of the Canary coast, from each of its eight islands, are identified. Images and sounds of those places will be recorded and their protagonists will be interviewed, which will be recorded on video.

The result will be a large audiovisual data bank of the traditional knowledge of the Canary Sea, with which content will be generated to be transferred and shared with all and for all. This material will be part of the dissemination actions of the Canarian Ecoareas Network, in the form of documentary videos and all kind of audiovisual uses that are subsequently designed.