Because we need to increase awareness and empowerment and to take action.


To work towards environmental, socio-cultural and economic sustainability, with a view to making the Canary Island a benchmark for innovation in coastal ecotourism, using our own models to manage and encourage the beneficiaries in coordination with the competent authorities.


To develop a method that enables the coordinated participation of the group of users interested in our coasts (the beneficiaries), whilst fostering the synergies between uses and ensuring the sustainability of ecotourism practices.
To implement said method in a network of pilot areas in the Canarian archipelago in order to evaluate the sustainability and to establish dynamics to continue improving.



  • The cooperation between administrations and the participation of the beneficiaries will be encouraged, developing governance models which facilitate the interaction between them.
  • The sustainable development of coastal environments will also be encouraged through the development of INNOVATIVE EVALUATION AND MONITORING SYSTEMS, whilst boosting the creation of new employment niches.
  • Models based on scientific and socio-cultural knowledge will be fostered in order to represent the current state of the coastal areas and the combined needs of the beneficiaries, focusing on CREDIBILITY.