Networking is the key to make progress towards sustainable development. The collaboration and creation of alliances make it possible for complex processes to turn into effective and lasting results. By working together to meet the needs of the Canarian coasts, we are able to share solutions and experiences, thus multiplying the chances of success. The idea is to enable an efficient way of exchanging information, learning from other experiences, creating alliances, understanding each other and sharing the problems as they come, in order to find join solutions.

Ecoáreas-mardetodos proposes the creation of an Eco-areas Network in the Canarian archipelago, working together towards the sustainability of its coasts. This process is divided into four stages, which will come to an end in 2019: 

  • Firstly, a scientific-technical team makes the first proposal for the methodology applied to the Ecoáreas-mardetodos project: the procedures and tools.
  • Secondly, said methodology shall be put into practice through consensus and cooperation with the public authorities, and then with the business sector and NGOs; and, finally, it shall be validated with all those interested in making suggestions and sharing their experience for a sea that belongs to everyone.
  • Thirdly, pilot tests will be carried out in each of the populated islands, allowing the methodology to evolve, as it must be an open and living process.
  • Lastly, once tests have concluded in the pilot areas, a final agreed methodology will be submitted and put into effect, so that it can be implemented in other places.

Would you like a particular coastal area to be taken into consideration to be analysed? Do not hesitate to make your contribution at How to propose an Eco-area?.